About the Studio

Fall 2020 Update:

ASU is using a hybrid in-person and remote model known as ASU Sync. In the trombone studio, I am teaching remotely for the beginning of the semester but hope to incorporate in-person teaching in October. We are doing some Saturday morning warm-ups and chorale-playing outdoors.

We are creating projects using Bandlab and plan to create videos of chamber groups and the trombone choir. Stay tuned!

The ASU Trombone Studio is a supportive community where students are encouraged and challenged to take initiative in pursuit of their musical aspirations. The trombone studio at ASU is driven by three basic principles.


As a student, you are expected to take ownership in the learning process. I can guide, explain, suggest, prod, and demonstrate but in the end, the only person in that practice room day after day is you.


We are working together to serve something larger than ourselves. We can achieve more if we find ways to support each other. I want to have a strong trombone community at ASU. By harnessing our collective energy and creativity we can create a positive learning community for everyone.


You are training to be a professional. The best way to do that is to act like a professional now. I have seen so many examples of people succeeding or failing in life largely because of how they comported themselves.