Spring Trombone Day 2018 is in the books

Spring Trombone Day 2018 is in the books; a great success. Alex Iles proved himself not only a gentleman but a really well-rounded musician with so many different gifts to offer.
Many thanks are in order:
To my teaching assistants to did so much to make this work: Julia Broome-Robinson and Adam Dixon. Also to those students who volunteered to come in early and help set up.
To the choir directors who brought their ensembles to share music with us:
David Vining (NAU)
Matt Lennex (Chandler-Gilbert CC)
Bob Weller (Bones Southwest)
To the members of the ASU Desert Bones trombone choir who really rose to the occasion with a wonderful performance.
To the wonderful combo that backed up Alex: Mike Kocour, piano; Dom Moio, drums; Bailery Zink, bass.
To the vendors: Milano Music and Michael Lake who took the time to set up nice displays for the participants.
I got a lot of nice feedback from the event; so much so that I think I’d like to make this an annual thing.